"The gospel must first be preached
to all the nations."

- The Lord Jesus Christ

August 12, 2018 | Download
8/12 PM Service


8/12 AM Service


January 28, 2018 | Download
Luke 7 - PM Service


Mark 8 - AM Service


September 7, 2017 | Download
Our Position in Christ


August 6, 2017 | Download


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PLEASE NOTE: We are blessed with diligent members who maintain the consistency of available sermon recordings. From time-to-time sickness, technical difficulties, and other unforeseen circumstances may play a part in the availability of a sermon.

Some sermons that were placed onto disks since September 7th 2017 and through January 14th 2018 may have not been created correctly due to a hardware issue. We have since identified the problem and are able to correctly create new disks once again. If you find you are in possession of one or more of these disks please notify us so that we may create new disks for you.


CDs are available of all sermons upon request, free of charge. To request a CD of any sermon (current or archived) contact one of the Audio Recorders after Sunday Service.
The sermons contained on this page may not reflect the chronological order when the sermons occurred. This page contains featured and most recent sermons. If you would like a specific sermon please refer to the Archive Lists below.

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